John 7:25-36

OUR confusion is not GOD’S fault. Our chaos doesn’t come from HIM, but from us, from OUR sin, weakness, and ignorance.

This is why the church is so often commanded to be gracious, merciful, patient, tolerant, humble, forgiving. Each of us began our relationship with Christ in a different place. Each of us is in a different place today. Our successes are different. Our disappointments are different. Our sins and weaknesses are different. We are moving toward greater and greater maturity at our own pace.

We are not unified by being the same person, or having the same attitudes, or knowing the same body of information, but by trusting the same Savior, obeying the same Lord, growing into the same image of Christ, worshiping the same God, traveling toward the same heaven. 

We are not unified by a common EXPERIENCE, but by a common DESTINATION.