The Sufficiency of the Word (March 8, 2015, Community of Believers)

You know, Kevin had pneumonia dozens of times before his spinal surgery. He could start sniffling with a cold on Monday, and by Tuesday morning his lungs were gurgling. But after the surgery he had pneumonia precisely zero times. Not once. That one correction, although it was lengthy and painful, has changed his life in so many other ways.

When we have been taught, reproved, corrected, and trained for righteousness by the Word of God, we are complete, lacking nothing for what the Lord has called us to be as His children. 

And we are fully equipped for every good work. The Word provides the character, the training, the tools, the opportunities, the means, and the methodology for all work in the kingdom of God. Nothing is left out. Nothing is missing.

The Word of God makes us precisely what God wants us to be, and equips us perfectly to do what God wants us to do.