John 6:60-71 (March 22, 2015, One Hope Fellowship)

JESUS continues to invite them to believe, but on His terms. He is the bread of life, and the bread that He gives is His flesh. Only those who eat His flesh and drink His blood will be saved. 

THE JEWS are utterly confused by this. Nevertheless, Jesus does nothing to relieve their confusion. They MUST believe in Him in order to be saved, and must believe on HIS terms or not at all. 

Why does Jesus take this approach? 

Because they wanted only that their flesh would be satisfied (v. 26). 

Because they demanded miraculous satisfaction before agreeing to trust Him (v. 30).

Because they refused to believe (v. 36).

Because they grumbled at the Word of God (v. 41).

Because they rejected the one who was sent by God to teach them (v. 45-46).

Because they wanted to have ALL their desires met while giving the minimum to Jesus, rather than laying down their desires and fully embracing Him (v. 53)