John 6:22-33 (March 8, 2015, One Hope Fellowship)

Looking back at John 6, what do we see?

We see people who are so determined to get a single meal from Jesus that they resist eternal life.

We see a people like stupid Esau, who traded his birthright for a bowl of stew.

We see a people so controlled by their hunger that they casually reject what GOD Himself offers them. 

We see a people who think that eternal life is life OUT THERE, and doesn’t make any difference to life RIGHT HERE.

Jesus calls all sinners to believe in Him, to hunger for eternal life, to pursue eternal life.

He condemns those who refuse to set aside their own immediate needs – their felt needs we could say – in order to pursue eternal life.

For us, let’s examine our own hearts. Do we put our own immediate needs above eternity? Do we demand that Jesus prove Himself by satisfying our earthly desires? Let’s not be so proud as to think that we cannot become enemies of the cross of Christ.

Rather, let’s humbly receive from the Lord all that He gives, demand nothing of Him that He doesn’t offer, and surrender to His Lordship and authority.