John 6:1-21 (March 1, 2015)

Jesus asks Philip how they can feed those who are coming. Philip says that even seven or eight months’ wages would not be enough to give the multitude even a nibble.

But as Lord, Jesus is robed in majesty and power. Nothing is too hard for Him. He can do far more abundantly than all that we can ask or even think.

Some look at this as a means of gaining exactly what the crowd wanted: a King that they could own and manipulate and command.

But the glory of Jesus’ power is that He saves and gives life to and keeps and will raise all those who believe in Him. None will be lost; all the fragments, the remnants, chosen by God will be saved and kept and raised. How is that possible, some ask? 

With God nothing is impossible. The feeding of the 5,000 demonstrates this in a lovely, simple way.