Read the Bible with me in 2017

The Word of God is not just a book of human ideas about God and life. It is God's very Word to mankind. It is not only true; it is truth. It has a wonderfully unique history. For those with inquiring minds, if you will take the time to investigate it, you'll find that the Bible has incredibly powerful manuscript evidence. 

Reading the Bible is not just a religious pastime, but our means of hearing from God. In it He speaks to every situation we face, and to every need we experience. 

For the past six months I've been tweeting Bible passages on a daily basis, reading through the entire Bible every three months. That's a heavy load, so I'm changing the plan for 2017 to a six month plan. Each day of the week will cover a different part of Scripture:

Sunday: New Testament epistles

Monday: Books of Moses

Tuesday: Old Testament history

Wednesday: Old Testament poetry

Thursday: Old Testament Wisdom books

Friday: Old Testament prophets

Saturday: Gospels

If you've been following the 90 day plan, you know that there are still nine days to go. Don't worry, they'll be published each day, and I'll be finishing up with you. 

If you thought reading the Bible in 90 days was too difficult to get through, then let me encourage you to follow me on Twitter (@gplawhorn) for this new six month reading plan. You'll still get through the Bible twice in 2017.

May the Lord bless you with understanding and faith as you immerse yourself in His holy Word!