Whose Identity Matters?

One of the most comforting things a Christian can learn is his or her identity in Jesus Christ. This matters because our identity in Christ is so completely different from our identity as sinners. There is literally NOTHING that we bring from the old life into the new. 

But while understanding OUR identity can be helpful, what matters most is Jesus' identity – what He is for those who believe in Him. 

This is a partial list only, put together in an hour while skimming the New Testament. Nevertheless, it's astounding in its breadth and scope.

Jesus Christ Is

Our Savior • God with us • Our hope of heaven • Our source of truth • Our security • Our healer • Our friend • Our comforter • Our treasure • Our pearl of great price • Our defender • Our Lord • Our righteousness • Our justification • Our access to God • Our redeemer • Our resurrection • Our master • Our eternal life • Our deliverance from condemnation • Our freedom from the Law • Our final identity • Our perfect love from God • Our unity • Our fellowship with God • Our wisdom and sanctification • Our foundation • Our cleansing • Our existence • Our sacrifice for sin • Our food and drink • Our victory • Our comfort • Our proclamation • Our "Yes" from God • Our light • Our home • Our riches • Our advantage • Our every blessing • Our understanding of the will of God • Our inheritance • Our life • Our kindness from God • Our example of love • Our cleanser • Our strength • Our completion • Our encouragement • Our reason for joy • Our peace • Our reconciliation • Our hope of glory • Our fullness in God • Our protection against the evil one • Our mediator • Our ransom • Our founder of salvation • Our defender against Satan • Our merciful and faithful high priest • Our apostle and high priest of our confession • Our sinless high priest • Our intercessor • Our once-for-all sacrifice for sin • Our perfect forgiveness • Our entrance into the holy places • Our founder and perfector of faith • Our unchanging Savior • Our great shepherd • Our greatest love • Our example of faithful suffering • Our eternal glory • Our King • Our advocate with the Father • Our reason for purity • Our object of faith • Our source of understanding