They AREN'T the same

One of the more common statements made by homosexuals is that they "are the same as everyone else," and just have a different sort of sexual attraction. 

Is this true?


Oh, you want some sort of PROOF that it isn't true?


You can find details here and here, but let me summarize and quote a little bit. 

Are homosexuals content?

  • 75% of lesbians have sought counseling for long-term depression or sadness.
  • Homosexual men attempt suicide six times more often than heterosexual men.

Are homosexuals promiscuous?

  • 83% of homosexual men had more than 50 sexual partners in their lifetime.
  • 43% of homosexual men had more than 500 sexual  partners.
  • 28% of homosexual men had more than 1,000 sexual partners.
  • 79% of the men in this survey said that their sexual partners were strangers. 

Are homosexuals faithful to their partner?

  • 75% of heterosexual men remained faithful to their wives
  • 85% of heterosexual women remained faithful to their husbands
  • Homosexual men with a steady partner had an average of 8 partners per year
  • The Handbook for Family Diversity reported a study in which many self-described monogamous homosexual couples had an average of three to five partners in a year. 
  • In The Male Couple, homosexual authors McWhirter and Mattison report that, in a study of 156 males in homosexual relationships lasting from one to thirty-seven years, only seven couples had a totally exclusive sexual relationship. They found that 4.5% of homosexual men remained faithful to their partner during their long-term relationship. 

So, no, homosexuals are not the same. Their relationships are not the same. Even their definition of "monogamy" (which apparently means "only a FEW partners outside the relationship") is not the same. 

But there is ONE area in which homosexuals are no different. Like every other human being, they need a Savior. They are dying in their sins, and facing eternal judgment. The Gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. That power actually transforms unrighteous, wicked sinners into righteous, holy saints. It doesn't just change our identity, it changes our behavior.

The only hope for homosexuals is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which takes away stains of past sin, fear of future punishment, AND the power of sin today to control behavior.